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Electronic Payment Exchange

Founded in 1979, EPX is a full-service international payment processor leveraging BuyerWall™, our revolutionary cardholder data protection system, to facilitate PCI compliance, to protect merchants, and to enhance consumer confidence.

Targeting retail, Internet, and MO/TO merchants, healthcare organizations, insurance providers, banks, and public utilities in need of cost-effective and PCI-compliant credit card processing, debit card processing, and ACH processing, EPX is the only payment processor that provides integrated, secure front- and back-end solutions that utilize tokenization and encryption technologies.

EPX is revolutionizing the payments industry by providing fully integrated payment solutions enabling merchants to obtain merchant accounts and securely and efficiently process credit card, debit card, stored value, and ACH payments on one reliable platform. Just a few of the benefits businesses recognize as a result of using EPX solutions include:

• enhanced data security
• increased processing speeds and customized transaction reporting
• dedicated client services
• decreased risk exposure
• lower costs
• strengthened process reliability
• reduced potential points of failure

EPX is truly unique in the payments industry – it provides a straight-through, fully integrated, secure payment processing platform (acting as payment gateway and acquirer), whereas its competitors offer a patchwork of limited-service providers that merchants must manage and integrate separately.

EPX is dedicated to providing merchants with the most secure and cost-effective payment processing services. We will continue to research, build, implement, and support industry-leading payment processing solutions that facilitate PCI compliance, protect merchants, and enhance consumer confidence.

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