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YESpay was founded in the UK in 2002 and today is led by a team of professionals with over 60 years of combined experience in the payments industry. Almost a decade into the business, we are a global payments services company that provides highly secure and scalable EMV Chip & PIN, contactless and magnetic credit / debit card, and e-commerce card payment processing services to independent and multi-chain merchants. Our headquarters are located in North London, UK, with subsidiary offices in Toronto, Canada and Indore, India.

However, our payment processing is not just limited to EMV Chip and PIN credit and debit cards. We continue to innovate by helping everyone benefit from the convenience of making payments "anywhere anytime" through mobile smartphone devices. That's not all - we also provide a host of value added services for on-line gift card, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Tax Free shopping and secure e-wallet functionality through a single YESpay emboss payment service, making it ideal for all merchant card payment needs.

Technological advancements have enabled us at YESpay to adopt the latest "Cloud Computing" architecture within our data centers. And this has put YESpay emboss at the forefront of innovation in the payments industry. With our strong management team and commitment towards deploying national payment services and offering excellent customer service, we at YESpay have been responding to the global credit, debit and Internet payment processing market opportunities with utmost brilliance helping people "Pay the New Way".
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    HQ: Suite 406, 133 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2L3, Canada

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