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True Payments Innovators Adapt, Not Disrupt

Paper based funds disbursement is one of the biggest pains in American corporate life. With checks costing a business anywhere between $3 and $5 (or...

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Greg Bloh,

Britain’s Brexit decision: the impact on SMEs

 In his first monthly round up of foreign exchange (FX) market news, World First’s Chief Economist Jeremy Cook explains why a lukewarm...

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Jeremy Cook,
World First

Observations from FIS Connect 2016

Mercator attended the FIS Connect 2016 in the fourth week of May. We look forward to this annual event as it provides us unfettered access to FIS...

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Sarah Grotta,
Mercator Advisory Group

FinCEN’s New Rule on CDD Will Mean Increased...

Financial transparency is the ultimate directive for institutions throughout the financial sector, and the May 5th White House briefing on money...

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Rick Aragon,
LexisNexis Risk Solutions

On-Demand Payments: Understanding the...

Not long ago, consumers who took advantage of online payments typically used their PCs or laptops and e-commerce applications. That practice began to...

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Should the United States Post Office be in the banking business?