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How Can Banks Simplify Tokenization?

Banks around the world are working to develop, launch or expand the mobile payments services they offer to their customers. Many issuers already...

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Andre Stoorvogel,
Bell ID

Evolution or Revolution? Three Payments Trends...

There can be little doubt that the Fintech revolution is driving major changes in the ways consumers pay and businesses get paid, but can it be...

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Paul Bridgewater,
Sage Payment Solutions

Trumping the Regulators? Initial Thoughts on...

The results of the presidential race would have shaped financial services over the next four years regardless of the outcome. In this blog, Mercator...

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Ben Jackson,
Mercator Advisory Group

Artificial Intelligence Is Already Deep Inside...

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key for financial service companies and banks to stay ahead of the ever shifting digital landscape, especially...

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Desmond Chan,

Cheque‐ing Out Prepaid's move to help...

Canada is the North American front-runner to eliminate cheques, which is one of the many reasons the country is fertile ground for expansion of...

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Should the United States Post Office be in the banking business?