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Companies are turning to wearable devices to provide payments tools that eliminate the need for cards, provide a better customer experience, or extend the capacities of their current products. This Mercator Advisory Group research sponsored by Discover Financial Services examines examples of how wearable payments are benefiting providers and users alike.

An overview of the options that Europe could adopt to deliver Cards and electronic payments “interoperability” to all countries, particularly for national debit and ACH (SCT/SDD) schemes.


No doubt if you are in the payment space you have been inundated with all of the news about Apple Pay and tokenization as well as how the payment landscape is changing. This Euronet Software Solutions paper will provide some clarity and background behind this topic as well as a general timeline and a high level overview.
Total closed-loop loads declined in 2013, and signs indicate that 2014 will see further declines unless retailers manage to promote gift card sales through the end of the year.

 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's proposed rules for the prepaid industry. 


 The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), survey of unbanked and underbanked households.

Businesses processing credit and debit payments can help protect themselves against new and evolving fraud threats by implementing EMV chip technology, tokenization and encryption security technologies in conjunction. - Smart Card Alliance

This Mercator Advisory Group research brief looks at the intersection of loyalty, mobile, and payments. Examining the examples of Starbucks and others, we pinpoint elements of successful loyalty program design and identify some of the new technological tools that merchants can use to build a seamless omnichannel experience.

Digital currencies represent both innovations in payment systems and a new form of currency. This article examines the economics of digital currencies and presents an initial
assessment of the risks that they may, in time, pose to the Bank of England’s objectives for monetary and financial stability.

PCI Security Standards currently contain a number of requirements and recommendations to guard against skimming. Paper by PCI Security Standards Council
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