Executive Spotlight

Cleveland Brown


Executive Spotlight Series with Cleveland Brown from Payscout

 For our readers can you give us a little bit of your background and how you go into the payments industry?
I started on the financial side of payments and technology in 1992 while working at Union Bank of California. At the time we working with 4.5” high density floppy disks and installing and testing the first at home banking platforms to enable bill pay through dial up modems. After graduating from UCLA, I moved to the entrepreneurial side of payments and technology by starting one of the 1st e-commerce platforms integrated into public education K-12. After successfully implementing the platform throughout large school districts in the US, including LAUSD, I decided to take a global approach to payments and traveled abroad to consult at the government level, working with Prime Ministers, Ministers of Finance and Managing Directors of different financial institutions to understand how e-commerce was integrated into economic policy. Through this effort, I built technologies that could be used by consumers, merchants and financial institutions to successfully enable global transaction processing.

What is Payscout’s role within the payment industry?
Payscout’s role in the payment industry is to “support the entrepreneurial dream,” by enabling merchants to safely connect globally to process payments through our GO GLOBAL NOW platform that opens up the global consumer base to merchants.

With the EMV implementation occuring the USA there will no doubt be a rise in card-not-present fraud. Considering Payscout is a global company what tactics have you found that help to prevent CNP fraud.
The main tool to fight CNP fraud is the Payscout Decision Manager. The Payscout Decision Manager will scrub each transaction to determine the identity of the cardholder in real time at the time of the transaction.

Recently it was reported that China broke its previous “Cyber Monday” record for sales. Knowing that e-commerce is increasing in volume year after year what are some steps that Merchants can do to protect themselves against fraud?

In order to fight against fraud in the CNP in the global environment the following steps must be taken:

1. Select a global processing provider that understands the intricacies of the consumers in the country in which you wish to conduct business.
2. Utilize fraud tools such as Payscout Decision Manager, Verified by Visa and 3D Secure.
3. Clearly state the terms and conditions of the product and service.
4. Implement a direct translation in the native language of the consumer to establish cultural empathy and credibility.

In the US do you believe that the payments industry is doing enough to proactively mitigate the potential increase for CNP fraud?
I believe that organizations in the US such as ETA, of which I am the Vice Chair of the Payment, Sales and Strategy Committee and member of the Risk and Fraud Security Council are committed to ensuring that the payment industry is self governed and collectively pursue solutions to secure transactions to protect all stakeholders