Customer Retention Strategies(1)

  • TSYS: Five Reasons for Losing Customer
  • Mercator Advisory Group: Use/Availability Of Custom Card Designs The ability to create custom cards (a preferred design or uploading a photo) is also a capability becoming more widely available in the market.Source: Mercator Advisory Group
  • TSYS: Retention Strategies Vital for Younger Consumers
  • TSYS: Taking Payments to a Higher Level By offering more touch points through which customers can automate payments, financial institutions can improve customer satisfaction, gain operating efficiencies and boost their cash flow by clearing payments on the day they are received.
  • TSYS: De-Marketing in Practice: Survival of the Fittest - and Most Profitable - Customers  In a banking industry that can be described as uncertain at best, the tendency of companies to slash marketing budgets during a downturn is tried and true...  
  • TSYS On-Demand Payment Cards and Personalization New business model offers choice to cardholders while mitigating risk to card issuers. 
  • TSYS: Leveraging Collections as a Customer Retention Tool There are several reasons to consider adopting a modern collections strategy that is relevant to the current economic landscape and contributes to customer retention.
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