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  • Predictions for U.S. Migration to EMV Debit
  • Loyalty Programs' Behavior Incentives Mirror Market Drivers For unregulated issuers, debit card rewards programs may now be competing more against credit card rewards programs and the issuers who market these cards as everyday spend accounts. For more information about this particular report, visit Mercator Advisory Group here.
  • Consumers and Debit 2012: DDA Fees The following chart is from Mercator Advisory Group's Customer Monitor Survey. Our recent debit survey showed only 18% of respondents indicated they are aware of new fees on their checking accounts, though awareness is up from 15% from 2011. For more information about this particular report, visit Mercator here.
  • Smart Phone Owners Would Prefer a Single Loyalty Management App Covering Multiple Merchants Smart phone owners who expressed interest in replacing their loyalty cards with an app were asked their opinion on what kind of application they’d be most interested in: a single-service app covering multiple merchants or a separate app from each of multiple merchants. For more information about this particular report, please visit Mercator Advisory Group's Debit Service here.
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Assuming there is no delay to the Durbin Amendment, how likely do you think it is that credit card interchange fees will be regulated as well?

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