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Putting Same-day ACH in Perspective for B2B...

NACHA’s same day ACH payments are moving forward. Phase one begins in September of this year, with full implementation by March 2018.What are the...

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Karla Friede,

CFPB Targets Online Payment Platform in First...

By Schulte Roth & Zabel attorneys Donald J. Mosher, Lisa A. Prager, Michael L. Yaeger, Melissa G.R. Goldstein and Kimberly G. Monty.The Consumer...

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Donald J. Mosher,
Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP

Observations from BAI Payments Connect

The recent BAI Payments Connect 2016 conference and expo, held in San Diego March 7–9 event offered a forum for thoughts on the current and future...

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Ed OBrien,
Mercator Advisory Group

EMV Is No Longer a Passing Fad

On any given day, there are countless articles circulating about the issues associated with EMV and how it will soon be replaced by the next big...

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Deborah Spidle,
Paragon Application Systems

On-Demand Payments: Understanding the...

Not long ago, consumers who took advantage of online payments typically used their PCs or laptops and e-commerce applications. That practice began to...

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Should the United States Post Office be in the banking business?