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We’re already seeing change in the space this year with TSYS acquisition of NetSpend. Expect the regulatory environment to pick. Smartphones and social media will have an affect on consumer behavior.

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Fraud, Risk and Analytics

Fraudsters will do anything to steal credit or debit card account information—including low tech dumpster diving to sophisticated hacking. The cost to your bottom line is significant and never-ending unless you have an effective strategy in place to stop payment fraud.

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Prepaid Law

In this research, we take a specific look at the Prepaid industry and how compliance, regulations and laws effect it.

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Mastercard announces crypto to card initiative


In this topic we look at how financial institutions use authentication that uses physical and behavioral traits and characteristics to uniquely identify an individual.

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Real-Time Payments

As real-time payments solutions are launched, participants in the value chain are looking to define their roles. The prospect of brand new payments rails has the payments industry evaluating what might be the best use cases and where the business case may also align.

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From alternative lending and instant prescreen technology to credit card issuers and transactional credit PaymentsJournal’s Credit Strategy Room has you covered with the latest credit information available.

Mobile Payments

Mobile devices continue to re-shape the U.S. communications marketplace, and with it the delivery of consumer financial services and retail marketing strategies.