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The Need for a Payment Platform Designed...

Streamlining complex processes unique to government agencies is no easy feat. When it comes to something seemingly simple—such as transacting...

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Maury Blackman,

The High Price of “Reputational” Risk

 According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach in 2016 was $3.8 million, a 23 percent increase since 2013. This figure encompasses...

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Tim Critchley,

Banking Channels Innovations Can Offset the...

With long term interest rates declining without a corresponding reduction in short term rates, a flattening of the yield curve is occurring....

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Ed OBrien,
Mercator Advisory Group

Paperless Payroll Benefits Both the Banked and...

Today’s U.S. workforce is more diverse than ever. Between millennials, baby boomers, students, retirees, employees and freelancers, employers are...

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Normia Arteaga,

On-Demand Payments: Understanding the...

Not long ago, consumers who took advantage of online payments typically used their PCs or laptops and e-commerce applications. That practice began to...

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Should the United States Post Office be in the banking business?