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Making clever use of some instantly recognizable symbols, FinTech startup TransferWise recently ran an ad campaign that used terms such as “$CAMM€D”...

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David Desharnais,

Blackhawk Network Research Shows Growing...

 For the first time, more than half of gift card buyers have also tried egifts, according to our new consumer research. The survey examined gift card...

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Teri Llach,
Blackhawk Network

Will Credit Card Style Rewards Work for Prepaid?

American Express announced on August 19 that it has launched a new version of its Serve prepaid card that will give cardholders 1% cashback for all...

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Ben Jackson,
Mercator Advisory Group

Why US businesses That Don’t Accept Credit Card...

Credit and debit cards have become part of everyday life for most Americans today. According to this US Census Bureau report, as of 2012, there are a...

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Jordan Greer


The maxim “know your customer” has always been important in business. Today, however, it is taking on new meaning as the delivery of a superior...

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Should the United States Post Office be in the banking business?