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The Top 5 Misconceptions Regarding Apple Pay

After Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the launch of Apple Pay this week, Mercator Advisory Group observed that several media outlets, research firms and...

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Tim Sloane,
Mercator Advisory Group

5 Disruptive Financial Services

 When prepaid financial services first emerged they took a page from the book of banks – charge lots of money for basic services and profit even more...

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Rivka Gewirtz Little,
the Prepaid Press

Will Amazon Ever Make Money?

A few weeks ago I covered a story for PaymentsJournal (originally published on 9to5mac.com) that indicated Amazon would be releasing a mobile payment...

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Michael Misasi,
Mercator Advisory Group

Evolving Online, Mobile, and Tablet Banking...

When examining online, mobile, and tablet delivery modes, spotting subtle differences between the platforms may be difficult, since the latter two...

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The 2013 Updated Federal Reserve Payment Study

The 2013 Federal Reserve Payments Study Recent and Long-Term Payment Trends in the United States: 2003 – 2012 Summary Report and Initial Data Release...

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Should the United States Post Office be in the banking business?