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A New Weapon in the Fight Against Identity Theft

Our society may have hit the saturation point when it comes to ongoing news about data breaches. Large organizations seem to lose a lot of money, but...

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Ryan Wilk,
NuData Security

Warning! Contactless Payments are Secure

Contactless is the future. But just before you leave for work – go into your kitchen and rip a little bit of Aluminium foil off the roll and wrap it...

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Karla Walls,

Why Acquiring Xoom Could Make PayPal...

Yesterday, PayPal announced that it would buy the international remittance provider Xoom for $890 million. At an offer price of $25 per share, as...

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Nikhil Joseph,
Mercator Advisory Group

Why US businesses That Don’t Accept Credit Card...

Credit and debit cards have become part of everyday life for most Americans today. According to this US Census Bureau report, as of 2012, there are a...

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Jordan Greer


The maxim “know your customer” has always been important in business. Today, however, it is taking on new meaning as the delivery of a superior...

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Should the United States Post Office be in the banking business?