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Payments2020: Industry Prepares for Mobile...

Payments aren’t going to change much in the next five years. In 2020, most payments will still be made in physical stores, with physical cards,...

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Michael Misasi,

Why Does America Still Write Checks?

Writing paper checks is still common in the U.S., a fact that surprises many foreigners. Instantaneous (or very fast) electronic payments have become...

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Stephen Price,

Why Acquiring Xoom Could Make PayPal...

Yesterday, PayPal announced that it would buy the international remittance provider Xoom for $890 million. At an offer price of $25 per share, as...

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Nikhil Joseph,
Mercator Advisory Group

Why US businesses That Don’t Accept Credit Card...

Credit and debit cards have become part of everyday life for most Americans today. According to this US Census Bureau report, as of 2012, there are a...

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Jordan Greer


In television commercials today, you’ll often see consumers paying for purchases with their smartphones as they shop in a variety of locations. In...

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Should the United States Post Office be in the banking business?


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