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Welcome to PaymentsJournal, the fastest growing payments and banking news and information portal on the Web.

PaymentsJournal is a free, comprehensive online information portal designed to keep payments and banking industry professionals informed through the daily delivery of the latest news, industry blogs, research, case studies, executive interviews and analyst insights.

PaymentsJournal is published by Mercator Advisory Group, the leading U.S. payments research and consulting firm. PaymentsJournal is a natural extension for Mercator Advisory Group as we continue to monitor the payments and banking industries and work with the industry’s top leading companies.

PaymentsJournal engages the industry by offering a powerful open portal that allows industry-leading professionals to engage directly with the market by sharing commentary and content related to company and product developments. PaymentsJournal’s free, open approach to industry participation helps to create information rich community designed for payments and banking professionals.

We Invite You to Participate on PaymentsJournal By:

Submitting an Industry Perspective. These 700 to 1000 word written pieces that provide the opportunity to talk directly to industry professionals and decision makers on a variety of topics. Submit perspectives to paymentsjournal@mercatoradvisorygroup.com

Submitting whitepapers/case studies. Today we have more than 300 documents in our well-read library of leading industry documents. These resources are intended to educate and offer insight and solutions to the challenges faced in today’s market. Submit papers to paymentsjournal@mercatoradvisorygroup.com

Submit interview requests for PaymentsJournal’s new Executive Series. Our executive series puts the spotlight on today’s business leaders through a thought-provoking Q&A that offers insights into what’s moving today’s market. Submit request to paymentsjournal@mercatoradvisorygroup.com

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Since the March 2011 launch of PaymentsJournal, thousands of top decision makers have made the site their leading source for free industry news and information. Our readership presents the perfect opportunity for companies promote their brands, drive products and be recognized as thought leaders and innovators. PaymentsJournal was designed with the marketing needs of today’s payments and banking companies in mind. PaymentsJournal provides tremendous business-to-business brand visibility at an affordable cost.

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