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Top Payments & Fintech Industry Candidates Available Now for Interview:
  1. GM/SVP Partnership Business Development | South
    $175K Salary | Open to relocation

  2. Financial Institution Sales | East
    $175 - $200K Salary | Not open to relocation

  3. Senior Director, Product Strategy | West
    $280 - $300K Salary | Not open to relocation

  4. VP/SVP of Sales | South
    Merchant Acquiring
    $175 - $200K Salary + Bonus | Not open to relocation

  5. Senior Product and Business Development Leader | South
    Merchant Acquiring
    $175 - $200K Salary | Open to relocation

  6. VP/SVP of Sales | Midwest
    Merchant Acquiring
    $150 - $200K Salary + Bonus | Open to relocation

  7. AVP of Risk & Compliance I West
    Card Issuing 
    $135K Salary + Bonus I Not open to relocation

  8. Product Leader I Mountain
    EMV & POS 
    $155K Salary I Not open to relocation

  9. SVP of Sales I Mountain
    Alternative Payments 
    $250K Salary I Not open to relocation

  10. If you are interested in interviewing any of these candidates or have other positions you are trying to fill, please email or call IMPACT Payments Recruiting at 480-307-9000.

IMPACT is proud to have been serving the payments and fintech ecosystem since 2000. They have placed over 3000 candidates worldwide with an industry-leading retention rate of 94% of candidates still employed after one year. They have an intimate understanding of the payments industry, which allows them to help their partners quickly locate, attract, and retain the right candidates.

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