Noelle Wiggins

Noelle Wiggins

Noelle is a Data Acquisition Manager at Ekata, focused on expanding Ekata’s identity graph coverage to Southeast Asia and Western Europe to better protect consumers in those regions. Noelle began her career in nuclear and utilities and has spanned multiple industries including biotech consulting and wearables. Her cross-industry experience and training as a statistician make her uniquely suited to source and acquire the data used to prevent cyber fraud and identity theft. Noelle has a bachelor’s from Drexel University where she studied Statistics and Entrepreneurship.

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May 11th 1pm EST

Reducing Employee Turnover with Earned Wage Access

In this webinar, the speakers will discuss:

– The cost of employee turnover

– Turnover rates across 10 key industries, from health care to hospitality

– How offering Earned Wage Access helps businesses tackle the labor challenges associated with turnover and faster hiring