Tarun Bhasin

Tarun Bhasin

Tarun Bhasin is the CEO of Kunai, a FinTech consultancy focused on building the future of finance for clients. At Kunai, he is responsible for delivering products while scaling internal teams to meet Kunai’s growth needs. Prior to his role at Kunai, Tarun worked at the intersection of technology and finance for more than 15 years, building ERP systems at Accenture and leading product analytics at American Express. He strongly believes that great teams make great products, which leads to a fulfilling, growth filled career. And he wants to have fun doing it.

Tarun currently resides in the Bay Area. He has MBA from NYU, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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May 11th 1pm EST

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In this webinar, the speakers will discuss:

– The cost of employee turnover

– Turnover rates across 10 key industries, from health care to hospitality

– How offering Earned Wage Access helps businesses tackle the labor challenges associated with turnover and faster hiring