Get Your Free FICO Score, Get Your Free FICO Score: Know Your Credit Card Health

business man entering data of a credit card . On-line shopping on the internet using a mobile phone

OK, so I am a credit nerd.  I look at my FICO score regularly offered by credit card companies, as free product benefits.  Because the FICO score is so universally accepted, I try to predict my score from month to month, based on whether I opened an account, paid down a large about or ran a significant charge against my account.  Most of the time, I am directionally right, but not always.

Now, just about everyone can do it if they enjoy seeing the consequences of their credit card activity.

Many issuers provide the information for free.

Some say it is idle curiosity.   To me, it is a free exercise that I can do when paying my bills online.  More fun than making a payment.  Go figure.

Overview by Brian Riley, Director, Credit Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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